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Who Is Shailesh?

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Shailesh is a natural metaphysician, contemporary and intuitive astrologer with expertise in both Western and Vedic traditions. He possesses the ability to creatively address and resolve your challenges, drawing upon healing arts to instill hope and comfort. Grounded in the principles of truth, Vedanta, and Yogic Science, Shailesh's approach provides practical, step-by-step solutions that are easily applicable to your daily life. His mission is to empower individuals to navigate their own paths through the synergies of Astrology, Yoga, Breath Work, and Body Work, fostering clarity and aligning personal purpose with divine intention.

Dedicated to your journey of evolution, self-discovery, and healing, Shailesh offers a range of services, including consultations in Western and Vedic astrology, life guidance, life coaching, career counseling, relationship guidance, and environmental healing for both home and business. Shailesh guides clients through the uncertainty of the unknown, aiding them in discovering their untapped potential. With a holistic approach and coaching skills, Shailesh stands ready to support clients in making life decisions, resulting in triumph, victory, and magical transformations.

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