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Terms & Condition Of Consultation

  1. Work on your chart will commence after payment of your service fees have been received. A period of  7- working days to analyze your chart will be required, there after your session will be arranged at a mutual date and time agreed by us.

  2. All consultations are in strict confidence between astrologer and client.

  3. Advise imparted is objective and not prejudiced to any party.

  4. Consultations hours are Wednesday to Friday (11am to 4pm EST) only.

  5. Please be on time for our session.  If you need to adjust, or re-schedule for any reason, please inform me in advance.

  6. If we are conducting a session via skype, zoom link, google meet, face time or phone please be in a quiet environment so that you can focus on our conversation.  Interruptions, noise, freeway traffic is distracting.

  7. If you want to schedule a session in my Goa office, India , I will send you directions in advance.

  8. Sessions are quite information intensive; it is therefore Important for you to record the sessions.  However, you choose to record is your responsibility. Voice memos in your phone is the most common method.  Skype can record the session also. Please know how to record your session before your consultation.

  9. I recommend you to take written notes as a back - up.

  10. Cancellation Policy: I do spend a few days working on your chart before we meet. I understand emergencies happen in our Lives. Sorry there is no refund, we can re-schedule the Appointment.


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